Morning Visitor


Here’s my little pumpkin (and her lantern)

‘tis the season…

Remain in Light

Memories of Green

Before the Rush

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Window Shopping

Pattern Recognition

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Parallel Parking

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Waiting for the green man.

It looks like Nanny Facebook wants to tell me all about privacy again. Second time today.



“Don’t mind my friend. She’s ‘armless.”

It’s all too much.


Morning stroll


Waiting room.


I suspect somebody at PetaPixel is rapidly editing the post as I write this.

No less than seven photos of the wrong camera in the initial post. A camera that really doesn’t look similar to the G1 X Mark III at all given the new camera’s viewfinder bulge.


These tweets appeared together in my Twitter friends feed. I suspect foul play.



Tea Time



Advert for kids’ chocolate milk. Apparently, it’s “School Arrpoved”

Heading home.

Emily and Charlotte both managing a smile for the occasion.

It’s all a bit “Mickey Mouse”


Treasure Cove

Fine weather in the Magic Kingdom.

(with apologies to Pamela Frood and Hugh Frood who left Shanghai yesterday)

1) Power Station of Art (AKA the big thermometer)

2) Power Station of Art (AKA the big thermometer)

Reviewing the photos…

At the Li Shan exhibition in Shanghai’s Power Station of Art. This piece is called Smear-1

How to give a Mac user nightmares.

Today, we visited Wen Dao Yuan to the north of Shanghai.

with Pamela Frood and Hugh Frood

Another view from the Shanghai Tower. Nanpu bridge is barely visible on the left but then you can see the coat-hanger shape of Lupu bridge and, in the distance, Xupu bridge.

Most obvious in this image is the area of the original old Shanghai in the foreground surrounded by the encroaching skyscrapers of the 21stC.

Almost 13 years ago, when I first visited Shanghai, the building on the left was the tallest building in the city.

Just over 8 years ago, when I moved to Shanghai to live, The building on the right was the tallest building in Shanghai and the building from which I took this photo was still just a hole in the ground.