So, this arrived. Hand carried from the UK by Sibling Courier Services. Also known as big sister.

Don’t all rush at once, but it looks like turtles are on sale tomorrow on

Sunset Tonight


Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Cognitive Dissonance

(photo of a billboard)



New Growth

I think this ginger may be a little bit too old.

TFW you get a new macro lens and you’re desperately searching for subjects to use it on.


Maybe I should be posting this on Tum…bler

Two plus one and two halves

Shaanxi 390

I see faces and traces…

Hey CBS All access, if you don’t want to show me a trailer for one of your programs (which is essentially an advertisement for that program) because my ad blocker won’t allow you to force feed me another ad first, then so be it. Are you familiar with the term “cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

Time is an illusion, download times, doubly so.

Is this a metaphor perhaps? If it is, then Yang has a very popular dumpling as I saw four ladies wearing identical shirts.

Cathay Theater

Definitely this.