What developers really mean…

Wow. Does this mean that I can now claim 1.3 Billion followers? :-)

Window cleaning, Shanghai style.

I’ve photographed these guys before, cleaning the windows of the Pullman Skyway Hotel in Shanghai. Who needs a basket when a rope will do.

They’re still working as I post this, but the skies have now darkened and there are some ominous rumblings. I wouldn’t want to be in their position if the storm hits.

Thank you for your concern Facebook. I am on the latest version of Chrome already. What next?

This started life as a slightly boring photo of a hill in Qingdao taken last week. Then I discovered that Microsoft PIX now has ‘art’ filters. It’s slightly less boring now.

This is a new development from Apple. As most IAPs are automatically installed after purchase, you’re basically signing away your right to a refund if you make a mistake.

Apple has also started applying the same limitations to some macOS applications in the Mac App Store too, i.e. you have to ‘agree’ to waive your right to a refund before you can complete the purchase as the download is automatic.

Is this even legal?

Waiting for our escape from Qingdao

Talk to the hand.

A prime example of the focusing speed of the Canon. I had already started pressing the shutter button when Charlotte stuck her hand in front of the lens. The camera handled it admirably.

Woodland walk

New growth

Emily has become increasingly camera shy recently so, when she agrees to a photo, even if it is a selfie, I have to grab the opportunity.

A visit to Laoshan Yankou scenic area. We decided to bypass the 2-hour line for the chairlift and walk up the mountain. We completed the climb in an hour, queued for 50 minutes for the chairlift down again and were back at the bottom, round about the time we’d have been heading up if we’d waited for the chairlift.

The weather was pretty overcast hence me attempting to hide it with a mono conversion.

Life is…

Ah, definitely back in China.

Street food for the little people.

St. Michaels again.

You’d think we were in Europe, if it wasn’t for the multiple wedding photo sessions taking place.

Keeping occupied

On our way…

Dammit, Google! It’s the simple things. Why do you always kill off the useful stuff?

There are some people who don’t use a browser for gmail and can’t create bookmarks for these links. This little ‘lab’ feature has been around for years. I doubt you even notice the maintenance costs.

My copy of “Landscape Editions Volume Twelve, Andy Gray : Intentional” arrived today. Thanks to Greg Kōzu Stewart for expediting the speedy delivery to Chna and of course to Andrew Gray for taking such original and awesome photos in the first place.