Christian Documentally Paine looking slightly too excited to be in the presence of multiple enigma machines at The National Museum of Computing just over 3 years ago this month.

cc Sue Black

My daughter made her first fidget spinner. Not sure how positive my contribution was given that I managed to superglue my wedding ring to my finger. She may have learned some new vocabulary as a result.

“One had one job”

Tea Cups

Wine Glasses

Yes, Facebook you’re right. That’s the whole point of it. Stop patronising me.

Ok summer, you’ve had your fun, you made it to 40. Now can we have a break?

A Grand Entrance

Alone again, or…



Love reading through extended cast lists on IMDB and finding credits like this. What a life these people must lead.

Flickr You really need to up your mapping game for 2017, this is simply not acceptable.

The image below is the area around Peoples’ Square at the very centre of Shanghai. Flickr’s map (from HERE Technologies ) compared to the hybrid satellite view.

Recipe of the Day

Take two large boneless chicken breasts and marinate for a couple of hours in some stuff (may include dark soy sauce, oregano flakes, ground parmesan and just hint of sriracha).

Prepare a bed of other stuff in an oven-proof dish. (may include alternate slices of potato, courgette and salami).

Place the chicken breasts in the dish at an attractively jaunty angle. Throw in some slices of lemon to add colour.

Put it somewhere very hot, in an oven at 200ΒΊC for example, and leave it there while you have a nice cool beer. In fact, leave it there for about 40-45 minutes until all the nasty pinkness inside that will have you running to the toilet all night has gone.


That’s my poultry attempt at a recipe. Haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m certain it’s foul.



Best addition that I’ve made to my desktop in a while.

It’s not the first external DAC that I’ve owned, but it makes its predecessor, a Topping D3 seem distinctly ‘low end’ in comparison (and that’s not a reference to bass response either).

I’d been thinking I was needing some new desktop speakers (I probably do) but replacing my DAC may have bought my current speakers (and my wallet) a reprieve.

Almost tripped over this little chap yesterday morning on the way to work. Probably about 6-7cms long.

One of his cousins was chirping right outside my office window this morning, loud.


Another view from our hotel room in Wuxi last weekend.