Black Sun, Ascendant

Wave, Particle Duality

Subterranean, Homesick

Wave, Particle Duality

Subterranean Homesick

Black Sun Ascendant

Bangers and Mash (with German characteristics)

The view from my office today. Working remotely does occasionally have advantages.

Yup, that’s a zip lock bag for your iPhone. Just in case you spill goose guts or pig brains on it.

Rain coming.

Update: it came.

Muji, when you can’t get to Ikea in time for your afternoon nap.

Cool easter egg in the BBC News website.

I think he saw me…

Hairdressers on Parade

The Chief

Hairdressers on Parade

20223449321_2d0966c4db_o copy 2

Apparently it was a cold night last night. 😉

Welcome to Shanghai





Door 131

Moller Villa



Door 131

Tea time


Walk on by.

Breakfast preparations

I wanted to post a link to the blog referenced in this, but, it seems to be down at the moment.

Anyway, this is the opportunistic piece of marketing guff that I just received in an email from ON1.

Before going further, I would like to point out that I’m a bit fed up with their marketing emails given that I have now followed their unsubscribe link and cancelled my subscriptions several times. Yet, still the emails come. Honestly, they’re worse than Twitter for ignoring email preferences.

So, why am I particularly pissed off with this one? Simple, Nik collection performs multiple functions, well. It does a job and continues to do that job.

It’s now about a year since ON1 pre-announced On1 Photo Raw and maybe 9 months since actual release. Sadly, at best, it’s still beta quality software. What the heck have they been doing?

I just wish On1 would focus on fixing its own code before trying to make land-grabs on the apps that actually fulfil their promise.

That is all.

(Rant over)


Sun. Moon. Light.