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“The chances of anything coming from Mars
are a million to one he said”

A Privet Moment

Cité Bourgogne


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Thank you, Sun.


I’m pretty sure I photographed this roof nine years ago, the last time I was in Tingling Park in Kunshan. I’m also pretty sure it wasn’t quite as decrepit then too.

#EOSM6 #M6 #Canon #TinglingPark #Kunshan #SilverEfexPro


Visited Tingling Park in Kunshan today for the first time in about 9 years. Much of the park is boarded up for renovation. I hope they don’t over renovate it.

#EOSM6 #M6 #Canon #TinglingPark


First weekend with the EOS M6 and too many photos to process. Loving the 24mm equivalent of the kit lens. I may have to buy the 11-22 too.

#EOSM6 #M6 #Canon

What do you do with a spare Triceratops? Turn it into a seat of course.

He’s programming bicycles with a laptop. Now there’s a job description I bet you never thought you’d hear.

On the Way

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Cité Bourgogne

R. G. B.





Doon the Watter

In response to Kate Ferris’s earlier post with the same name, here’s the most famous paddle steamer of them all, the PS Waverley steaming doon a completely different watter in October 2005.

#ThrowBackThursday #PSWaverley

Looks like Lilly is back from Yunnan. Only 28 hours late.


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Is that a Microsoft product on my desk? Surely not.

Damn, what can I do now that I’ve returned my Juicero?

The life of a balloon seller is never easy, but the effects of run-away inflation can be devastating. ;-)

Just received the following email from British Airways. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t remember ever flying BA from London Gatwick. You’d think they would check…

We’re not out of the woods yet.


Are we out of the woods yet?


“Appropriate Parking”

Golden hour.

Des Res

Learning to ride a bike the 21st Century way.

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Newly arrived at Smith Towers…

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A Zag and a Zig