Double Rainbow at Sunset.

Captured this on our first night in Bali at Nusa Dua Beach Bali. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow at sunset before.


Double Rainbow at Sunset

Finally starting to look at some more images from Bali. I’ve only got about 300 more of this sunset to go…




Rainstorm over Batur.

Literally the minute we reached the edge of the caldera, the heavens opened and everything inside disappeared from view. After waiting for about an hour (with a beer, so not totally wasted time) there was a slight lull during which I managed to grab the two shots that I merged into this image. Even then, I needed heavy use of Lightroom’s de-haze filter to get anything useful. If you look close, that’s not an applied texture, it’s rain.

Chilling but the pool again

Sunset at Jimbaran

Emily and Charlotte, completely ignoring the sunset.

We had dinner on the beach at Jimbaran a couple of nights ago. The sun put on quite a show for us.


Nusa Dua Beach




My dinner tonight. I like to think of it as the Trump Supporter Special with extra white rice.


Afternoon on the terraces

This was another of our breakfast visitors today.

This was our taxi driver today, his name was Wid (pronounced Wee’d) and by his business card, it looks like he could be PEOTUS personal driver if he ever comes to Bali.

Impression of a Chair


I see faces…

Black Garlic.

Apparently, it’s good for me. Nom, nom, nom.

Dawn in the Valley

In Emergency, Break Glass




You only had one job…

We know where the coffee beans have been. Does your logo really need to be so literal?