Stop, Go

The Oxygene Trilogy

Ok, so my musical tastes were formed in the Seventies, and I like electronic music, so it’s great to have this trilogy spanning forty years in (almost - 48/24) hi-res audio.

The good news is that Oxygene 3 is totally in keeping with the feel of the original and pretty strong in its own right.

Gotta love Google Translate… Howdeee!

Hey Google, it’s Christmas, not Easter…

Life is a Marinade

Tomorrow’s beef, work in progress.

First B&W conversion using ON1 Photo RAW.

cc ON1, Inc.

Filling up

I just passed the Llama challenge. I’m pretty pleased about that, because, if I’d failed, this would have been my profile photo for 3 days.

(Thanks to Ugo Cei, who didn’t pass the challenge 😉 )

So, this is the challenge:

Solve this riddle. If you’re wrong, you’re committing to set a picture of a llama as your profile picture for 3 days 😬.
Answer me in pm so that others do not see the answer and can participate and tag me if you put up a llama picture.

It is 3 in the morning, you’re sleeping and you hear the doorbell. It’s your parents who show up for a surprise visit for breakfast. You’ve got the strawberry jam, honey, bread and cheese. What do you open first?

Don’t forget, answer me by private message, don’t answer in the comments. If you answer correctly I will mention your name in a comment. If you’re wrong you have to put a photo of a llama as your profile picture!



I found a new app.

In the jungle,

Emily is being assimilated…


Straight out of camera, followed by a significant amount of processing.

The Guards


Call me.


Factory Store