Can you see what’s wrong with this image (aside from the smug, ignorant, moron)?

Well, it’s not a quiz, so I’ll tell you. This “proud” UKIP #Brexit, idiot is flying the flag upside down. He want’s to take his country back, but he doesn’t even know which way up the flag goes. Even Trump isn’t that stupid.

(By the way, in maritime terms, flying the flag upside down is seen as a distress signal - maybe somebody in the EU is having a joke at Nigel Garbage’s expense).

Please share and share again to show how ignorant these people really are.


I imagine the shipbuilder had a few words with the sailmaker after this.

I’m not lion to you.

Promoted post…


Dull wet day, dull wet place.


Lean in…

Experimenting with a different style in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

At Shanghai Botanical Gardens today.

Hey Facebook, why do you want to disconnect me from my family? Like everyone, I have the default “Family” list on the left. A couple of years ago, it stopped showing me the new post count. So, once I realised that I was missing posts, I created a new FamilyMembers list. Up until now, that has worked.

Until this week.

Now, my FamilyMembers list shows a count of new posts, but when I view it it shows me an empty feed. My default Family list shows no count (it hasn’t shown a count for a couple of years) and now also shows an empty stream.

Not cool Facebook.