The Faraday Porteur e-bike can finally be yours for $3,500

Impressive, but Why?

I don’t quite get this. Yes, they’ve done a great job cramming all that tech into a standard bicycle format. But, isn’t the point of a bicycle that you power it yourself? If you want self powered two wheeled vehicle, don’t you just buy a scooter or motor bike?

I can go into my local supermarket (seriously) or one of several bike shops within a five minute ride from where I live and buy an e-bike for under $500. Not only that but it will have about three times the range of this e-bike. It might not have the hipster cred of this, but it will be infinitely more practical.

I do get that the research into the miniaturisation of the technology will have future benefits for e-transport, but, as a product, this is pointless.

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