The End is Nigh!

Has anyone else noticed that the latest version of Google Drive for iOS includes the ability to auto backup images from your Camera Roll to your Google Drive?

This is a function that used to be carried out by the Google Plus app.

Has +TechCrunch churned out another Google Plus is dead article on the strength of this yet?

We’re doomed I tell you, doooomed!

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Why I Won’t be buying an Apple Watch

I’m suffering from battery anxiety. My watch is showing signs that it’s running out of juice. For the last few days, it has been running in energy saving mode. 

At least, I think that’s what it’s doing. You see, I’ve been wearing this watch for twenty-six years and this will be the fifth or sixth time that the battery has run out. I can’t remember, but I think that the second hand jumping every five seconds is a sign of impending battery death. Now I’m worried that I’ll be able to get it to a jeweller before it completely dies.

My watch was pretty expensive when I bought it in 1989. Twenty-six years later, it has more than held it’s value. In fact, it has appreciated in that time. When I had it serviced in 2008, the watchmaker offered me twice what I paid for it. I refused.

And there’s the crux. A watch is much more than a gadget to discard after a couple of years when the next iteration makes it redundant. It’s something that we live with, day and night. It does one thing, well. It continues to do that thing, well. It won’t become redundant and unusable in a couple of years when Apple designs the next big thing in wearables. 

I hope that I’ll still be wearing my watch in ten years. I wonder how many 1st generation Apple Watches will still be on wrists, functioning by then? 


Low Tide

The Huang Pu river at low tide yesterday. Conveniently formatted for wallpaper. You’re welcome. :-)

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Fuji X100T Review

It’s always fun reading a Ken Rockwell review. Some of his quotes are pure classics.

LEICA stays in business by servicing a market for those with low self esteem. This Fuji runs circles around any digital LEICA. :-)


Started watching Interstellar last night. So far, so good. Only disappointment is the necessity (common in the science fiction genre, I’m afraid), for characters to explain the basic details of some scientific issue to other characters who, in reality should already be familiar with the issue. I know this is for the benefit of the viewer/reader, but it totally destroys authenticity.

Also, not at all convinced about the (water) wave physics.

So far, 3/5

Something I did many times as a passenger. First time I’ve seen a cockpit view of landing at Kai-Tak.

Kevin Willock:

landing here must have been nuts before HKIA (skip a few minutes ahead)-

GNU Terry Pratchett

Link: GNU Terry Pratchett

You Run a Web Server?

Go on, you know you have to do this. :-)


Haiku Generator

Having some geeky fun with a PHP haiku generator that I’ve put together. Basically, I feed it a large text file, it then strips out all of the 5 and 7 syllable sentences and puts them back together in Haiku format.

Here are some examples. The source text for these was Ulysses, by James Joyce.

Nations of the earth
Whew! Girl in Meath street that night
All that for nothing

The word known to all men
Part shares and part profits
Thieves rob the slain

–Alas, Stephen said
–There it is, Red Murray said
Dignam’s potted meat

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Armando Ferreira:

Wow, thanks to all of you who reshared this video, it’s gone viral!  How many times have you watched it?  Personally, I’ve seen it about 100 (since I edited it) and it never gets old.

Oh, Look, Google+ is Dead Again

Yet another premature obituary for G+. It’s a lengthy read and not without the occasional inaccuracy or bad comparison, but ultimately thoughtful and well written. Makes a change from some of the nonsense that the, so called, Tech. sites have been spouting since, well, since 2011 really.

That said, with the last couple of weeks changes and announcements, maybe this article is slightly less premature than its predecessors.

That thing…

…when you click the, blue, new posts notification on Google+ and it just rearranges the same posts at the top of your page.

But, when you reload the entire page it shows a completely different set of posts.

Yeah, that.