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After some work in Lightroom. yes, these are Posts, Processed.

West Lake

Gannet 2

An oldie from a visit to the Shetlands almost 12 years ago.

Shot handheld from a small boat.

Enjoy our first TCF-branded ebook on the topic of street photography.

Architectural Sketches and Watercolours

I few months ago I published some sketches and watercolours from my great grandfather, Robert Smith’s sketchbooks. I’ve finally managed to scan some pages from the third sketchbook.

While the first two books dated from between 1998 and 1903. This one is from about 30 years later. The sketches are now architectural drawings and concepts for the company that he founded, R Smith and Co.

It’s not so easy to date these, however, the “Playhouse”  canopy painting shows that “The Desert Song” is playing. I think this is probably the first version of that movie from 1929. The image of the “Hendersons” clock would appear to be from 1936 so I’m guessing this book is from the late 1920s, to mid 1930s.

Eh, Oop, Cleggy

I haven’t read the post yet, but it’s worth it for the headline.

Satire, of course.

In a bar in Wuzhen ancient water town in China drinking Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout from North Yorkshire. Odd.

All it takes is 45º

I remember thinking that the Sony clip-on to mobile lens type camera thingies looked a but cumbersome when they were launched a year or two ago. And I thought the same when I read the leaks about Olympus doing the same thing.

However, Olympus have got it. Clip the phone in at a 45º angle and a clumsy, awkward solution looking for a problem becomes very desirable indeed.

Just a few degrees makes the difference.