Will the Real Landscape Photography…

It’s good to see this well written and thought provoking article by, self-confessed curmudgeon, +Ugo Cei getting picked up and reposted.

There are many thoughts in here that I’ve had, but have never really managed to put into words.

I remember a few years ago, on NFolio, before the era of high-megapixel, HDR techniques, somebody damning a photo as being “a nice chocolate box shot”. Chocolate boxes have moved on…

The Full XP Experience

(Not quite, it’s better)

It worries me slightly that I seem to have completely replaced my Dock with uBar since a recent bundle purchase. Why am I worried? Well it’s a very Windows XP/Classic menu experience with a bit of Gnome 2 thrown in. I’m not ashamed to say that I like it and find it a better interface than the OS X Dock.

What next? Windows?

Full Frontal Nudity

This week, and for the foreseeable future, I’m bingeing on all four series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Things may become surreal.

#MontyPython   #IWarnedYou   #It’s

This Ain’t No Real Bustard

One for all the ornithologists, grammar aficionados and fashion police out there.


I’ve been seeing a lot of these BYD Qin plugin hybrids around Shanghai over the last few months. I guess the government subsidies are working.

But, a question for any EV/Plugin owners out there. It seems that a lot of manufacturers put the charging socket right in the middle of the front or rear of the car. (Nissan Leaf for example). Surely the area of the car most likely to be damaged in a minor collision is the front or rear of the car. I imagine front/rear shunts are one of the most common accidents. 

On a pure electric vehicle, couldn’t that, pretty much put the whole vehicle out of commission if the socket is damaged?

Seems odd to me.

Domino Theory


BBC - Archive - Tomorrow's World - Tomorrow's World | Home Computer Terminal

Link: BBC - Archive - Tomorrow's World - Tomorrow's World | Home Computer Terminal

Just the idea of a teletype by your bed. You wouldn’t need an alarm, just get it to type anything.

The National Museum of Computing:

Apart from the uncanny resemblance of this bedside teletype machine to today’s bedside iPhone, I wonder how the young lad featured here in 1967 is coping with today’s digital world. Perhaps his children come along to TNMOC’s weekend coding to follow his earlier footsteps? and

Mr Fixit

The Horror

I’ve been walking past this display for weeks now. It’s all very well hanging meat out to dry, a lot of people do it in the run up to Chinese New Year, but hanging it by the roadside, do they really want it smoked as well?

As to what’s actually hanging there, I dare not contemplate it.

Street Chess

Come rain or shine, Street Chess is a popular spectator sport.

Abstraction, Distraction

I’m uncertain as to how funny this is…

Dear Google,

You’re the only site that I know of that automatically changes language based on my IP address and is too stupid to use the language of my, logged in, profile.

#TooCleverForWords   #Dumb


I just watched “Les Choristes” with my daughters. Emily had watched it at school, dubbed into Chinese. I was unable to find a version with English subtitles that actually matched the dialog. So, we watched the original French version. It didn’t matter. Great movie. Emily, who’s 8 and Charlotte, who’s 6 and I, who’s the wrong side of 50, all thoroughly got it and enjoyed it.

That’s the mark of a great movie; it doesn’t matter what language the characters are speaking, the cinematography and editing can tell the story just fine, “sans langage”.

A Message to All My Friends and Followers, Whatever Your Faith

If you are Jewish or Christian or Muslim:

a) You all actually worship the same god. Get over it.
b) That god doesn’t exist. Get over it.
c) Stop killing people in the name of your non-existent, fairy tale, fantasy, god. Get over it FFS.

#JeSuisCharlie   #NousSommesCharlie   #GetOverIt

Je Suis Charlie


No Way

I like going to places like JinJiang Park so that I can see all the rides that I totally refuse to go on.

Objects in the mirror are…

…behind you.

JinJiang Park

JinJiang Park