Snapselect Tip #2

Using +Macphun Software Snapselect with a Lightroom catalog is a non-destructive process. After finishing the selection process and closing Snapselect, your Picks and Rejects will be added to two new collections “Snapselect Picked” and “Snapselect Rejected” in Lightroom.

If you then want to delete all of the rejected images, go to the “Snapselect Rejected” collection in Lightroom. Press ‘Cmd-A’ to select all, press 'X’ to flag all as Lightroom rejects. Return to your Library view, Filter on flagged, ensuring that only the 'reject’ flag is highlighted, press 'Cmd-A’ to select all and delete.

It might sound involved but, in practice it’s pretty simple and adds another layer of security around the deletion process.

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