Dear +onOne Software,

I really don’t want 12 months with +Matt Kloskowski. Please stop spamming me about it. I know you snatched him from +Scott Kelby but do you need to start using those, in your face, marketing tactics?

Three emails in one day… Jeez. +Macphun Software wouldn’t do that.


It is now officially 2015 and I, for one, am glad to see the back of 2014. So Happy New Year to all. If it’s not New Year yet where you are then please ignore this post until it is. :-)

Has anyone got any recommendations for a family friendly beach resort hotel in Vietnam? It’s over twenty years since I’ve been there, I suspect things have changed.

And a big thanks to the Chinese government for helping us all to achieve inbox zero before the end of 2014. Appreciated.



There’s a new Vim on the block for OS X users. Very nice it is too.

If the preceding makes no sense to you, then move along, you won’t be interested. ;-)

Low Light Performance

Very impressed with the low light performance of the iPhone 6 with ProCamera 8.

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Having now watched the first half of “The Interview” I can now see that whoever it was that hacked Sony to prevent this movie’s release was, in fact, doing the world a great service. 

Worst, steaming (streaming) heap of concentrated recycled animal protein ever. I feel sorry for Sony that it wasn’t hacked over something more worthy.


Just before bed tonight, Charlotte asked me to send another letter to Santa for her. Just to say “Thank you”.

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Is anyone out there using Plague? Then again, if you are, you’ve probably forgotten to check your Google+, Facebook and Twitter feeds for a while so you’ll miss this.

And, happy celebration of the birthday of somebody who in all probability didn’t exist and, even if he did exist, probably wasn’t born on this day, or even this time of year anyway. :-)

I just saw my ‘Year in Photos"  from Google+. Some of G’s choices are so bad, I’m considering turning off auto upload on my phone.


Found on I imagine, if I drank the whole bottle, I would be SYKK Vodka. :-)

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I’m really quite impressed with the iPhone 6 camera. This is not an easy subject, straight into the morning sun, but it nailed the exposure. Only minimal adjustments made in Lightroom to convert to B&W.


Take a Break


Tis The Season to Paint the Trees

Every year at this time, the trees get a fresh coat of white paint. I haven’t a clue why.


Almost Done

Morning Walk

“I’m sure we forgot something”

The Commute


You don’t have to be a Smarty to work here…

In Dreams


Frosty Porsche

Not a common sight in Shanghai, frost.

#frost   #ice   #iphone6


Google Plus has a new notifications icon. The stupid bell is less obvious now. It’s still not as nice as the original square icon, but it’s an improvement.

Who Would Have Thought That Tesco Would Be So Popular

I know this particular branch, it’s awful.

Van Man

Everything in its Place

We may have lost my Mum this year, but her spirit lives on.

Taking a Break

The chief tree decorators having abreak.

The Meeting

Snapselect Tip #2

Using +Macphun Software Snapselect with a Lightroom catalog is a non-destructive process. After finishing the selection process and closing Snapselect, your Picks and Rejects will be added to two new collections “Snapselect Picked” and “Snapselect Rejected” in Lightroom.

If you then want to delete all of the rejected images, go to the “Snapselect Rejected” collection in Lightroom. Press ‘Cmd-A’ to select all, press 'X’ to flag all as Lightroom rejects. Return to your Library view, Filter on flagged, ensuring that only the 'reject’ flag is highlighted, press 'Cmd-A’ to select all and delete.

It might sound involved but, in practice it’s pretty simple and adds another layer of security around the deletion process.

Snapselect Tip #1

If you want to work faster in +Macphun Software’s Snapselect, learn the following keystrokes.

Arrow keys: Navigate between images
‘Z’ - Pick the selected image
'R’ - Resolve group (reject everything not picked) and move to the next group

That’s it.


Snapselect, Live in the App Store

It’s live in the Mac App store now folks. Go get it.

Christmas Comes Early

Cameraworld, a London based camera seller, has just offered me the deal below. Yes, you read correctly, a “Canon” D5300 & 18-55 VR.



Hey  +Macphun Software has PhotographyBlog jumped an embargo or have you, once again, pushed out a press release before your website is live? 

I’m seeing a big 404 on :-)