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matthew rappaport:

Time for another edition of #WTFJapan  

WTF indeed


First attempt at a cinemagraph. Created in Photoshop. Sorry it’s a bit of a big gif to load.

At Rest


In the Jungle







#SOOC   #jpg


Loving the #SOOC monochrome jpgs that this camera produces. I really don’t need raw if I’m shooting black and white.

The Fallen


Adobe: it’s like Windows without the Blue Screen

I’m seriously wondering why I pay Adobe for Creative Cloud for Photographers. Photoshop CC 2014 has been failing to update for several weeks now. Today, I managed find the corrupt download file and finally, it succeeded. Only it didn’t, Photoshop now refuses to start.

So, I’ve no uninstalled Photoshop and I’m waiting for x gigs of Photoshop CC bloat to download again, with no guarantee that it’ll actually work at the end.

Uninstall, re-install? That’s so Windows.

Same Place, Same Time, 24 Hours Later

Different weather, different camera, different processing.

The Annual School Run Sunset

It seems that the last time I took a nice sunset from this location was almost exactly a year ago. I suppose that figures, after all the alignment must only be right a couple of times per year and the weather is still nicer in November than in late January.  Taken with my Galaxy Note 2 with defunct wifi. Thankfully USB still works.


You really have to give the man credit for swallowing the meme whole and spitting it straight back at the world. Well done.


Apple - Safari - Overview

Link: Apple - Safari - Overview

Is anyone else being spammed by Apple in their Yosemite notifications? Suggesting that they try Safari instead of their current browser?

My answer to that is, when Safari catches up with the pack on features, I’ll try it. I still don’t see any pinned tabs.

New Discovery

Found this in my local supermarket. Never encountered it before. Any Chinese friends can help me out with more info?

Blackmail #1

…and this is the point where I explained to the girls that I take these silly photos to keep and show to their first boyfriends…

That didn’t go down so well.

Watching the Ticket

Too Late Now


Not Quite Street

Today, I decided to shoot in camera monochrome jpgs. I’m quite pleased with the results.

F! F! F! F!

I’ve heard of this glitch art, but this is taking it too far.

Oh well, back to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the broken WiFi. :-(



Not as Perfect as They’d Like

It’s good to see Perfect Photo Suite 9 finally available. I’m considering upgrading from version 8.5.

When there’s a trial available, I prefer to give it a go first before making the outlay. This is critical to me because many of my older raw files have been archived to DNG format with Lossy Compression and not many non-Adobe products support this. I like the sound of the new quick browse module and its integration with Lightroom, but I want to make sure that it will actually browse my older files too.

Unfortunately, the trail download doesn’t seem to be working for me. It just pops up an activation window and then closes when I don’t activate. No trial for me. :-(

+onOne Can you please look into this? Also, can you confirm that Perfect Browse 9 supports browsing DNG files with lossy compression?

Typographic Chemistry

Pure brilliance from XKCD.

World Endurance Championship

World Endurance Championship

#wec #wec2014

Three’s a Crowd

Easy Peasy Nobody else is going to enter for this? Of course not.!

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