First Solo

Congratulations to +Kenneth Easton on his first Solo flight!



Wistful But Warm

Jama Time

The Ties That Bind

One More Cup

I Take it Back

I just made a slightly snarky comment to +Dave Besbris and +Bradley Horowitz about #halloweenify .

I take it back, it’s actually quite fun when applied to the zombie apocalypse streets of Shanghai.

Unlimited Space, for Some

On the surface this looks like a great deal. However, in reality, the OneDrive app seems to be unable to cope. I’ve spent weeks trying to upload my photos to OneDrive. However, after the first 40-50GBs of files, the upload performance ground to a halt, even on a network with fast upload bandwidth. In the end, I gave up.

Microsoft needs to make some serious improvements to it’s App if this unlimited storage offer is to be even remotely useful.

How very bizarre. My entire Google+ feed just became posts from one person who actually hasn’t posted in over a week.

cc +Nick Lewis

DxO Optics Pro 8 Free for a limited time

Good news if your camera is supported. DxO Optics Pro 8 is free until the end of January 2015. Of course version 9 is available for a price too.

However, if you manage to complete this form with the “send my more emails” checkbox unchecked, please let me know in the comments.

Every time I tried, it told me the captcha was wrong (it wasn’t). Until I left the checkbox checked, and hey presto, the form submitted ok.



Ok, can I be the first to ask, “Has anyone received an invite to Inbox yet”? And if you have, can you spare one for me? :-)

You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine



Not a Good Start

Apologies to anyone trying to friend me on the newest new social network on the block. It seems that is a bit too new and still has some bugs to iron out. Specifically, it refuses to let me make or accept friend requests. Not very social at all, come to think of it.

Here’s hoping it can sort out these teething troubles.

Not Amused

Approval Rating

Yosemite Continuing Mavericks Fails

Well, Yosemite is here and very nice it is too. Sadly, The Mac App store has decided that I need to update iTunes. This I have already done, yet every day it prompts me to do it again. This is not a specific Yosemite bug. It’s been happening for months now, even on Mavericks with the old iTunes. I kind of hoped that Apple might have fixed it by now.

Smoked Salmon Crêpe @ Seb’s

looks fantastic

Vedett, in a Stella glass?

Shurely shome mishtake


Today’s lunch venue.

TL;DR Wikipedia

Where have you been all my life?

Copy and Paste are computer commands that enable a user to secure a job at BuzzFeed.

Hear, hear

Breakfast of Champions

Notorious Roads

Is Infiniti now naming it’s cars after famous roads? I hope the cars aren’t too like their namesake road: suffering from random inexplicable slowdowns and stops. :-)

I Got It!

Follow Me, Follow You

#oneplus   #insanityweek   

Now, who can I spam to meet the requirements?

I know +Pamela Frood and +Neil Butterton

▼ Reshared Post From OnePlus ▼

Bored by #OnePlus #InsanityWeek ? Six phones in three days is a bit of a snoozefest. Now that it’s Day 4 let’s double that and give away 12 phones in 24 hours.

1. Share this post to public and tag at least 2 friends in your own post.
2. Fill out the following form: (it only takes 1 minute!).
3. Go insane!

Interested in the 2014 flagship killer? A new winner will be chosen and announced every two hours so the sooner you enter, the better your chances are. Things are going to get crazy up in here. The contest for Day 4 starts today at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST) and will close on Friday, October 17 at 1.00 pm (7.00 am CST).

More info about this contest:

Notes on My Black and White Street Workflow

For a variety of reasons, extended summer vacations, sudden unscheduled trips to the UK etc., I haven’t been doing as much street photography as usual. So, it was good to get the camera out earlier this week on my first trip to the city centre in several weeks.

The break seems to have been worthwhile as I was certainly seeing more opportunities during my short walk and I seem to have managed to capture a higher proportion of ‘keepers’ than usual. 

After discussing my results elsewhere with some others, I thought it might be useful to write a short article about my processing workflow in Lightroom. I’m not one for recording lengthy videos and this technique is so simple, I can probably get away with a step by step description in good old fashioned text.

I start my process in the Library module. Before I even start to review a set of images, I will select them all and apply my basic B&W-Street preset. This is a very simple preset that converts to B&W, and bumps up the Contrast, Highlights and Clarity by +15, +45 and +30 respectively and drops the Shadows by -20. Using this preset levels the playing field and leaves me with a set of nice, reasonably contrasty images for selection.

Now I can review individual images and decide which compositions work and warrant some more development work. If it’s a large batch of images, I’ll flag the interesting ones and then filter by flagged before hitting ‘d’ to enter Develop mode.

Once I have an image in Develop mode, then I typically only fine tune three or four sliders.

- First, I’ll tune the ‘Highlights’ slider. (Tip, with this, and all of the basic sliders, you can hold down the Opt/Alt key while adjusting to see the clipping points). I try to slide the Highlights slider far enough to the right so that there is a tiny area of the image where highlights are clipped. Seriously, a tiny area, just a few white dots is enough.
- If, the image is underexposed and I can’t achieve the desired result, I may edjust the ‘Exposure’ slider a little to brighten things up.
- Next, I tune the ‘Blacks’ slider downwards (remember to hold Opt/Alt for a clipping preview). Once again, my target is to get a little bit of clipping in the blacks. Usually the images can stand a little bit more clipping at this end than with highlights, but still I wouldn’t clip more than about 5% of the image, usually much less.
- Finally (I said it was simple), I’ll tweak the ‘Shadows’ slider to improve the mid tones which could have become too dark as a result of adjusting the ‘Blacks’ slider.

It’s only at this point, if I’m still happy with the image, that I might consider cropping or straightening to tweak the composition. I’m not totally averse to cropping an image to improve composition, but I do try to keep the cropped area as large as possible. In fact, I’m nore likely than not to constrain my crops to 1x1 ratio and just adjust by sliding my crop window left or right in the full frame to select the appropriate composition.

So there you have it. It’s quick and easy. You might disagree with me allowing clipping, that’s fine, you can still follow the same workflow and stop just short of the clipping points if you wish.

Good luck.

The Screaming Blue Messiahs Were Right

Jesus Chrysler Drives a Dodge

Screaming Blue Messiahs - Jesus Chrysler Drives a Dodge

How long before Facebook introduces polls?

Sunset Revisited

Thanks in part to +Craig McCormick’s Shanghai Skyline video I now have a version of this photograph that I’m satisfied with.

In my previous attempt, the colours were just too cold (my fault) and my (over)processing attempts left the sky muddy and blotchy. The sensor on my Lumix GF6 already has difficulty with large expanses of blue making it very susceptible to processing artefacts.

Craig’s approach has allowed me to achieve a the desired result cleanly and without loss of IQ.


Craig’s Tutorial:

Really informative and interesting video. I do have one question. I was a OnOne Perfect Effects 8 user up until the Yosemite beta broke it. However, I’ve always used the Perfect Effects plugin directly from Lightroom 5 without the additional step though Photoshop. Do you use the extra Photoshop step just because of the smart object functionality or are there other benefits?

Is your stream being swamped with useless polls?

Will you use Google+ Polls?

chinglish alert

A faste of happiness.