Too Little, Too Late?

I was really looking forward to the new Mailbox app for OS X. So much so that I was already in touch with the team at Mailbox long before it was initially announced a few months ago.

But then a few things happened that kind of soured the deal.

First, Mail Pilot’s OS X client matured and improved enough to make it usable,.However I didn’t particularly care for Mail Pilot’s iPad version so I continued using Mailbox on iOS.

Then, while travelling and using Mailbox on my iPad, it managed to delete a very long draft for me after I switched to another app to check some information. Not good. I stopped using it after that.

Now, after many months of waiting, two things have happened. Mail Pilot has announced a long needed revamp to it’s iOS client and the Mailbox beta for OS X has finally become available. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both happened on the same day.

Was this enough to get me back onto Mailbox? Sadly no. The first thing that Mailbox requires is a login to Dropbox. Living in China that is an immediate fail. Dropbox is blocked here and I don’t want to risk access to my email on a VPN connection.

Interestingly, pure IMAP connections seem to work despite the Great Firewall so I’ll be sticking to an email client that is just vanilla email, like, for example, Mail Pilot.

If Mailbox decides to allow manual configuration of IMAP servers, who knows, maybe I’ll give it another go.

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