Diary of a Long Haul Flight

I recently returned to Shanghai from London, an eleven hour flight. I tried to watch some movies on the way.

First up “Transcendence”. I had no expectations of this, having read some seriously bad reviews. It was OKish, but, I’m being generous based on what follows.

Second, “Muppets Most Wanted”. Yes, I know, but for a few months earlier this year +Ricky Gervais was pushing this hard on his Facebook timeline and, while I accept that +Ricky Gervais only ever plays himself, I thought I’d give it a try. I lasted about 20 minutes. The Muppets used to be funny and entertaining. This was contrived and sh*t.

Third and finally, “Anchorman 2”. Enough said. truly disappointing. Is this the best that American can do? Not one joke was even remotely funny and many were verging on the offensive (both to others and to my own intelligence).

So, best show of the flight, as usual, was the interactive flight path with Transcendence as close second, even if it was crap..

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