When is a Battery Replacement Program not a Battery Replacement Program?

Answer: When you’re in the wrong country.

My iPhone 5 is one of those that suffers from the battery problems acknowledged by Apple. Today, I made an appointment with one of the Shanghai Apple stores and headed there in my lunch hour to get it seen to.

Unfortunately Apple’s battery replacement program isn’t quite what it seems. You see, my iPhone was purchased in the USA. So, to qualify for a replacement, it has to be taken to an Apple store in the USA, not China.

Frustrated and not planning any trips to the USA so I’ll ether have to live with the battery issues or bay a new battery and fit it myself.

Have You Seen Seene Scenes?

Having some fun with #seene on my iPhone today. This is the garden, on a somewhat damp and overcast Shanghai afternoon.

Best viewed here so you can interact a little bit more with it.

Like #camu, hate the watermark. Deleted.

It’s not just for bracelets you know.

An Old Friend

I brought an old friend back to Shanghai from the UK. This is, without doubt, my longest serving camera. I’ve had it for 30 years and it’s still going strong.

It’s been about 11 years since I put a film through it. Time for another outing I think.

#olympusxa  #rangefinder #35mm

Fascinating Stuff

“This is not typical for Baikonur [in Kazakhstan]. It means that there are some uplifting air currents which reach the station and settle on its surface.”



Too Little, Too Late?

I was really looking forward to the new Mailbox app for OS X. So much so that I was already in touch with the team at Mailbox long before it was initially announced a few months ago.

But then a few things happened that kind of soured the deal.

First, Mail Pilot’s OS X client matured and improved enough to make it usable,.However I didn’t particularly care for Mail Pilot’s iPad version so I continued using Mailbox on iOS.

Then, while travelling and using Mailbox on my iPad, it managed to delete a very long draft for me after I switched to another app to check some information. Not good. I stopped using it after that.

Now, after many months of waiting, two things have happened. Mail Pilot has announced a long needed revamp to it’s iOS client and the Mailbox beta for OS X has finally become available. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both happened on the same day.

Was this enough to get me back onto Mailbox? Sadly no. The first thing that Mailbox requires is a login to Dropbox. Living in China that is an immediate fail. Dropbox is blocked here and I don’t want to risk access to my email on a VPN connection.

Interestingly, pure IMAP connections seem to work despite the Great Firewall so I’ll be sticking to an email client that is just vanilla email, like, for example, Mail Pilot.

If Mailbox decides to allow manual configuration of IMAP servers, who knows, maybe I’ll give it another go.

A Thing of Beauty

I wonder how it sounds. I wonder if it will ever make it out of Japan.

The Long Water

Still Waters Run Deep

OS X Beta Program

Link: OS X Beta Program

Yosemite Beta Installed

Finally managed to install the OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta now that I’m no longer under the temporary bandwidth constraints of my UK trip.

Looking good so far and, touch wood, no major app failures to speak of. Only Astrill VPN failed but Astrill’s support was very quick with a download link to its current beta version.

Diary of a Long Haul Flight

I recently returned to Shanghai from London, an eleven hour flight. I tried to watch some movies on the way.

First up “Transcendence”. I had no expectations of this, having read some seriously bad reviews. It was OKish, but, I’m being generous based on what follows.

Second, “Muppets Most Wanted”. Yes, I know, but for a few months earlier this year +Ricky Gervais was pushing this hard on his Facebook timeline and, while I accept that +Ricky Gervais only ever plays himself, I thought I’d give it a try. I lasted about 20 minutes. The Muppets used to be funny and entertaining. This was contrived and sh*t.

Third and finally, “Anchorman 2”. Enough said. truly disappointing. Is this the best that American can do? Not one joke was even remotely funny and many were verging on the offensive (both to others and to my own intelligence).

So, best show of the flight, as usual, was the interactive flight path with Transcendence as close second, even if it was crap..

Yes or No?

For anyone following next month’s independence vote in Scotland, this article from a couple of months ago gives a reasonable analysis of what it’s all about and what might happen next.

#scotland   #vote   #independence

Look Through My Window

Look through my window
To the street below;
See the people hurrying by
With someone to meet, some place to go -
And I know I should let go…

New Headphones

Spending my last night in the UK, testing my new headphones with the highest bitrate material that I have. Wouldn’t you know, it’s all from Definitely a source of quality in all respects.

Google’s Sense of Humour

Thank you Google for deciding that a photo of a slug was worthy of the #autoawesome  treatment.

New toys to play with today

Emily and Friends

Looking towards the long water and pavilion.



HDR of a fountain at Wrest Park.


A Little Bird Told Me




Me, Me, Choose Me!

At Wrest Park, near Luton. 


Furzeton Lake

Another couple of images from two nights ago at Furzeton Lake. Stitched in Photoshop.

Furzeton Lake Sunset

We had a beautiful walk around Furzeton Lake in Milton Keynes last night. Of course, as luck would have it, my camera battery was on charge so I only had my iPhone with me. Still, I’m not complaining about the results.

Four iPhone images processed in Lightroom and stitched in Photoshop.

Strongly Disagree

It’s not that I disagree with the points made in the linked post, I’m sure that they may work for a specific demographic (read “for brands”).

But following some of the points made, e.g. only post 5% of your own content and 95% sharing of other’s content will lead to an immediate unfollow from me.

▼ Reshared Post From Adam Connell ▼

8 Smart Things You Can Do To Get More Shares On Google+
Starting Today

Your content deserves more shares.

And who doesn’t want more shares?

My new post for +j+ Media Solutions shows you a number of straight forward things you can do to start expanding your reach and increasing your shares here on G+.

Read it here:

Mentions & Shout outs: +Wade Harman, +Jeff Sieh, +Dustin W. Stout, +Rebekah Radice, +Wishpond, +Canva, +Ana Hoffman, +Friends+Me, +NOD3x, +Mick Sharpe and Timing+ by +Daniel Treadwell.

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Have an awesome week.

The Dark Knight and friend.

New Kids on the Block

Nice to see a few additions to the London skyline since my last visit, but, c'mon London do they have to be so dull and uninspired?

The Cliché Shot

At least Tonality Pro brought out the sky to give this some slight interest.

#TonalityPro  +Macphun Software

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

The problem with taking people to visit London (in this case our daughters who were too young before we left for China) is that the obvious tourist traps become very boring very quickly. Impressive as the London Eye is, I really don’t want to visit it again. Ever.

Some Things are More Permanent Than Others

The important thing to do is stick together.

Lest We Forget

Neck and Neck

at the Lamb National sheeplechase.


The Irony

Here’s a clip of the finale of the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Glasgow last night.

Sadly, if you’re in the UK, which, of course, the host country Scotland is, you’re not allowed to watch it. You’ll need a vpn or overseas proxy.

Corporate censorship, FTW!

However, I expect it’ll be on BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days so all is not lost UK folk.


Here’s the full HD version of the “matter” video that I posted earlier on Instagram.

Saucers full of Secrets