TonalityPro - What’s up here

Posting this for some feedback to/from +Macphun Software.

There’s been a lot of buzz around Tonality today. I’ve seen some glowing praise from photographers such as +Frank Doorhof and +Karen Hutton. And it’s well justified. 

However, I have come across this small issue that I’d appreciate some feedback on.

The image on the left is of a RAW file loaded directly into TonalityPro, the image on the right is a TIF transferred to Tonality from Lightroom.

Zoom in to full size and look at the noise in the RAW opened direct in Tonality.  It’s pretty bad. Is Lightroom really doing so much noise reduction as part of the RAW processing or is something wrong with the Tonality RAW processor? Has anyone else done similar comparisons and seen similar results?

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