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As a long time resident in China, I was looking forward to a return to an open internet with my UK visit this summer. Because of the difficulty in setting up a residential broadband connection for a short period, I opted for the 4G option, buying a 4G modem and mini router. And ordering a PAYG sim from EE with a reasonable data allowance.

When the data ran out, I took advantage of the offer again and ordered another.

It seems that EE is not too pleased with this usage of its sim cards because after the initial honeymoon of blisteringly fast 4G (even better than my fibre to the home connection in China), EE now seems to be throttling my bandwidth. Not only that but it also seems to be blocking any dns server that isn’t its own.

I was looking for a solution to this problem so I tried to configure my VPN (an absolute essential in China) only to find that it’s website is blocked by EE in the UK. Even China with its mighty Great Firewall doesn’t block my VPN provider’s website.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of England. 

Looking forward to fast unrestricted internet access on my return to Shanghai. Never thought I’d ever say that.

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