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A Lesson Learned

Today is our first day back in our UK home. Our tenants left a couple of weeks ago. One of the first things that I had to do was contact the Electricity and Gas supplier to take over the account and provide billing details.

How do you do that when you’re moving back into your own home? With difficulty seems to be the answer.

I managed to find the correct number to call to submit meter readings, but the recorded message required and account number. I don’t have an account.

So then I figured, this company may already be the supplier for my property, but I’m still a new customer. So, I telephoned the sales number. Instant response. In a matter of seconds I was talking to a real human being. Sadly, he couldn’t help but he did give me the correct number (the one I tried before) and told me how to bypass the account number entry menu (why isn’t this an option on the menu?).

So, I called that number again, bypassed the account number entry and reached… no-one. Just a message that we’re all busy now but we can phone you back when you reach the head of the queue in, get this, 1 hr 15 minutes to 1hr 45 minutes.

I left my number, but I’m afraid I had to get on with other things, I missed the call back.

Finally, I solved the problem very simply. I went to, got a better quote, and switched supplier with the click of a button. 

So, the moral of the story is simple. If you’re considering giving your custom to any vendor, regardless of the service they provide, call their customer services number first, not their sales number.

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