In Dreams

Too bad it only seems
It only happens in my dreams
Only in dreams
In beautiful dreams.


TonalityPro - What’s up here

Posting this for some feedback to/from +Macphun Software.

There’s been a lot of buzz around Tonality today. I’ve seen some glowing praise from photographers such as +Frank Doorhof and +Karen Hutton. And it’s well justified. 

However, I have come across this small issue that I’d appreciate some feedback on.

The image on the left is of a RAW file loaded directly into TonalityPro, the image on the right is a TIF transferred to Tonality from Lightroom.

Zoom in to full size and look at the noise in the RAW opened direct in Tonality.  It’s pretty bad. Is Lightroom really doing so much noise reduction as part of the RAW processing or is something wrong with the Tonality RAW processor? Has anyone else done similar comparisons and seen similar results?

Home Truths

As a long time resident in China, I was looking forward to a return to an open internet with my UK visit this summer. Because of the difficulty in setting up a residential broadband connection for a short period, I opted for the 4G option, buying a 4G modem and mini router. And ordering a PAYG sim from EE with a reasonable data allowance.

When the data ran out, I took advantage of the offer again and ordered another.

It seems that EE is not too pleased with this usage of its sim cards because after the initial honeymoon of blisteringly fast 4G (even better than my fibre to the home connection in China), EE now seems to be throttling my bandwidth. Not only that but it also seems to be blocking any dns server that isn’t its own.

I was looking for a solution to this problem so I tried to configure my VPN (an absolute essential in China) only to find that it’s website is blocked by EE in the UK. Even China with its mighty Great Firewall doesn’t block my VPN provider’s website.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of England. 

Looking forward to fast unrestricted internet access on my return to Shanghai. Never thought I’d ever say that.

The Distortion of Sound

Great short documentary about the sad state of music quality these days. Produced by Harmon, but never used to push it’s products. A good marketing decision.

Loch Tulla

Enjoying #TonalityPro  from +Macphun Software . This pano of Loch Tulla in Scotland was made from four images merged in Photoshop and then converted to B&W with the brand new and very excellent Tonality Pro.

Ancient Egyptian

Am I the only person to see an ancient ventriloquist act here?

“A gottle of geer…”


The Glasgow Style



If ever a lion should have been called Groucho, it’s this one.

#kelvingroveartgallery   #realNameNero



The Business End

#spitfire   at #kelvingroveartgallery

The King

#kelvingroveartgallery   #ElvisHasLeftTheBuilding

That’s Close Enough


Cloud Computing


Heads in the Clouds

I’ve photographed these before, no harm in another attempt.

#kelvingroveartgallery   #glasgow

Worth watching. The last one is funny, even if it technically isn’t a blooper.



On the Throne

Stop the Light!

Too Much History!

With the temperatures in the high 20sÂșC sometimes a seat is all you need.

The Great Hall


On a Rock

#Scotland #Yes


#Scotland   #Summer   #yes

Yes, You Can Drink It

#LochLomond #Scotland #Yes

Tak the Low Road

#LochLomond #Scotland #Yes

And it’s off!

+gordon tant’s little trainer drone. Wait ‘til he gets the big one…

At +The National Museum of Computing earlier today for @stationx


+gordon tant modelling the Kodak Retina 1b.

It’s an Enigma

+The National Museum of Computing

Getting Meta

Who’s looking over your shoulder?

With +gordon tant , +Christian Payne at +The National Museum of Computing

The Lengths He’ll Go To to Get the Shot

+Christian Payne, better known to most as +Documentally at +The National Museum of Computing

So What is the Plural of Enigma?

+Christian Payne +The National Museum of Computing

Silent Disco in the Spiegeltent at IFMKFest

The slightly surreal scene of a silent disco in a Victorian Spiegeltent at The Milton keynes International Festival. Two DJ’s playing two channels simultanio…

Life on the Edge

Another from Living Planet

Small World

Little Planet is free on the App Store today. Go get it, it’s great fun.

What do you do when your subject has a fit of the giggles?

You keep shooting of course.

Grand Union Heron

I do believe this photo works better in monochrome.

#heron #grandunioncanal

An Open Question to Any Googlers

I’ve been overseas for almost 5 years and returned to the UK for a 6 week trip a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve seen a lot of emails that would normally go straight to spam, making it to my Inbox. The majority are from UK based companies.

So, my question is this, do Gmail’s spam filters weight the decision based on the recipient’s location when the mail is received?

It certainly seems that way to me.

#gmail   #google

Triple Parking



Interesting tree this. At some point, many years ago it has been split down the middle and the main trunk has all but died off, with the exception of a couple of branches that are now fully grown trees in their own right, both sprouting from the remains of the original trunk.


And Off We Go

Watching coverage of todays news on the BBC. This link about sums up the anchors’ reporting.

That feeling where you spot a heron on the canal bank and you’ve only got a semi wide angle lens attached to your camera and the heron still lets you get close enough to take this shot before flying off and you manage to capture several shots of the heron in flight as well.

Yeah, that feeling.


Charlotte’s first visit to a pub. She seemed to enjoy it.

Bekonscot Mill

We had a fun couple of hours at Bekonscot Model Village today.


New Model

The Brown Motor Bicycle