Here We Go Again…

Yet another tired old hack with nothing better to do (yes, I’m looking at you +Jack Schofield), grinding a well ground axe against Google+ again.

This time, Google+ is failing as a social network because it isn’t driving enough clicks to corporate marketing pages. I would definitely take issue with that particular definition of social media success. I think the key point of the article is, Google+ is failing because it isn’t Facebook.

Jack, is that what ‘social’ means to you? On a Friday night, do you relax with friends down at your local ale vending establishment and watch corporate presentations and ads? Or do you relax at said ale vending establishment with good conversation and debate?

If it’s the former, then, yes, Google+ has failed at social, but so have you.

The truth is, that Facebook relies on feeding the corporates who have to pay Facebook to reach any meaningful number of followers. Google isn’t perfect, but it is using these social interactions (of which there are many) for its own benefit. You still don’t see advertisements on Google+.

I would also point out that Facebook’s pay us to succeed attitude may be back firing now. In the last 3-4 months, the majority of new followers that I’ve had have been from businesses, marketers and other pages. This side of Google+ is growing rapidly.

Perhaps this failed social network is only just  hitting its stride.

And see, I got all the way through this little rant without even mentioning Facebook’s using 686,000 of it’s users, possibly illegally, as lab rats.

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