Early Start

Up at 4am tomorrow to head to the airport. Off to the UK for six weeks. Now we find that it’s incredibly difficult to book a taxi…

Here We Go Again…

Yet another tired old hack with nothing better to do (yes, I’m looking at you +Jack Schofield), grinding a well ground axe against Google+ again.

This time, Google+ is failing as a social network because it isn’t driving enough clicks to corporate marketing pages. I would definitely take issue with that particular definition of social media success. I think the key point of the article is, Google+ is failing because it isn’t Facebook.

Jack, is that what ‘social’ means to you? On a Friday night, do you relax with friends down at your local ale vending establishment and watch corporate presentations and ads? Or do you relax at said ale vending establishment with good conversation and debate?

If it’s the former, then, yes, Google+ has failed at social, but so have you.

The truth is, that Facebook relies on feeding the corporates who have to pay Facebook to reach any meaningful number of followers. Google isn’t perfect, but it is using these social interactions (of which there are many) for its own benefit. You still don’t see advertisements on Google+.

I would also point out that Facebook’s pay us to succeed attitude may be back firing now. In the last 3-4 months, the majority of new followers that I’ve had have been from businesses, marketers and other pages. This side of Google+ is growing rapidly.

Perhaps this failed social network is only just  hitting its stride.

And see, I got all the way through this little rant without even mentioning Facebook’s using 686,000 of it’s users, possibly illegally, as lab rats.

There are no #fnord s in the advertisements

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Photos - The Most Shared Post Type On Google+
analysis of the post type distribution in the last 3 years

Google+ is getting three years old today. 
Happy Birthday Google+!

Birthdays are always a good opportunity to look back. That’s what we did here. 
We have analyzed more than 1.7 million posts and the result is pretty interesting.

It looks like Google+ was used in the beginning as a link sharing tool, but soon a very common recommendation was heard and instead of sharing links the people started sharing photos. 

What about you? Have you changed your posting style in the last 3 years? 

You don’t know? 
Get your free post type analysis (and much more) here:

#happybirthdaygoogle #posttypedistribution #googleplusstatistics #infographic

Counting Down

Only six sleeps until we head to the UK for six weeks. First time there as a family for five years give or take a couple of weeks.

Anyone in the London/Midlands area interested in meeting up?

Stay Dry

#downpour   #wet


You Decide


I guess this is one of the new #autoawesome   filters. It’s not the treatment that I would have chosen for this photo, but it’s not bad.


Set The Controls

Simple as simple can be.

This could become my goto camera app.

#monochrome #minimal #lenka

Funny, and Well Done

Street Art

Now that’s what I call graffiti, with or without the giant toadstool.

Bargain Books

Sad to say, this bookshop looks more and more dilapidated as the weeks go on. The appearance of the bargain bins can’t be a good sign.

Neighbourhood Watch

Smile, it may never happen…

400 1-6

Just an apartment block in the French Concession.

The Only Way is Up

A simple abstract looking down at the footpath on my way to the metro this morning. First day playing with the iPhone camera.

#iphone   #abstract

Pretty Sunset

We don’t often see sunsets like this in Shanghai. Got to take advantage of them when we do.

#iphone   #sunset   #shanghai

Never too late

Is it odd that the kids are now downstairs watching TV but I’m still playing Minecraft?

#minecraft #pixelart


Just a beach shot from Penang last January. Processed on OneOne Perfect B&W 8.


Never too late

Is it odd that the kids are now downstairs watching TV but I’m still playing Minecraft?

#minecraft #pixelart

I Know


Another street conversation on Shanghai. Clearly nothing to get stressed about.

#street  #shanghai #chilled #relax   #LifeOnTheStreet


These two bike ‘taxis’ were waiting outside the metro station yesterday morning. I can only guess at the conversation.

#motorbikes #metro #shanghai

Dear Amazon

The Doors compilation “Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine” costs £7.99 for CD with free mp3 download. But, if I don’t want the CD, it costs £9.99.

According to your product page, you call that AutoRip. I call that AutoRipOff.

How then FUCK can a digital download be £2 more expensive than a physical delivery that includes free digital download?

I call that an invitation to torrent. You monopolising morons.


Some experimentation with Lightroom presets. In this case one of +Trey Ratcliff’s gradients, with the saturation dialed right down.

#woodland   #gradient   #GongqingPark


Ok, it’s dubbed. Still funny.

#caturday   #hey


I do believe that I have finally found a suitable story for that headline.

#scienceftw   #guardian


Lazaretto on Spotify when the internet co-operates.

#Lazaretto   #JackWhite   #spotify

Sending a Powerful Message

This has already been shared and shared. Clever use of technology by VW to send a message and make a point.

#vw  #texting #driving #safety

Past Glories

I forgot to share this image at the weekend. I originally took this at the Ferrari race day at Shanghai International Circuit. The big screen was showing some historic footage, not that the guy sitting on the platform seemed to care. I’ve already posted a monochrome version of the photo but I think this treatment with Waterlogue works better.

#ferrari #waterlogue #ShanghaiInternationalCircuit #f1

Dear Tumblr

My dashboard is not literally on fire. That implies smoke and flames and heat. None of which are possible (literally) on a website.

#tumblr #CrapEmails #OnFire #literally

Be The One

Experimenting with +Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom presets. This one nailed it.

#stuckincustoms   #lightroom   #gongqingpark   #tree

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey -

Link: COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey -

It’s Finished

Oh, well, that’s Cosmos finished. I’m really going to miss the giant shiny Google place mark of the imagination.

Great series, but it needed more Vangelis. :-)

Google Maps

Link: Google Maps

Simple Dreadful

Words cannot describe how much I dislike the new Google Maps. I find it almost impossible to navigate with my mouse. At least it does allow me to revert to the ‘classic’ interface which works much better. Sadly the offer to remember my settings is usually ignored and the next time I return, I’m thrown back into the nightmare of the new interface.

Can anyone suggest a good alternative?


Just another busy day at the Shanghai International Circuit.

#waterlogue #ferrari #ShanghaiInternationalCircuit


Boys and Their Toys

Ferrari Race Day at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Standing Room Only

Boys and Their Toys

Pseudo tilt-shift courtesy of +onOne Software Perfect Effects.

#ferrari #tiltshift


Race Days of Old



Shanghai International Circuit

Race Day

Ferrari race day at the Shanghai International Circuit


Quote of the Day:  “Distractions make you Stupid”  - I am not sure I totally agree with it but for the most part Distractions are stupid, and people should stick to their day to day plan and not allow others to distract them.. 

I estimate today alone I was interrupted over 40 times during the day. In turn accomplished some but not near all of what I needed to do but over 100 % of with others needed.. I guess that means today i accomplished over 140% of my workload..

Managers will understand.. employees need to also.. :)

Push Back the Barriers

Just a quick test for the benefit of my Facebook account.

let x=x

Wow, whenever I see a code snippet saying let name = value I immediately regress to the late ‘70s and my first experiences learning BASIC.

What goes around, comes around. Except now let is defining constants not variables.


All the New Stuff in iOS 8

Link: All the New Stuff in iOS 8

Reduced Snark

It seems like every time Apple announces a new version of iOS, the naysayers and Android types are quick to jump in shouting Android does that already. And, often it’s true.

However, as an Android and IOS user I have to admit, that while Android has often done things first, in general, iOS does them better.

I propose that Google should just ‘fess up and rename Android to “iOS Dev Channel” :-)

Leaked OS X 10.10 screenshots

Link: Leaked OS X 10.10 screenshots


A bit fuzzy, but they do look like the real deal. I guess we won’t know for sure until later.


You Are Here

Always good to know the position of your place. 


Gongqing Forest Park


Dear Google+,

My view count has not changed since May 29th. However, I’ve been receiving +1s, comments and re-shares as normal. Are these people +1ing, commenting and re-sharing without actually viewing my posts? Or is your view counting script broken?

Sony Pictures Classics presents 'Tim's Vermeer'.

Link: Sony Pictures Classics presents 'Tim's Vermeer'.

Tim’s Vermeer

I’ve just watched this incredible documentary. Well worth it, especially for the photographers out there.