Sun Yat Sen

My daughter is reading about Sun Zhong Shan (Sun Yat Sen) in her second grade Mandarin book. I was able to add some context with this photo that I took a few years ago in London.

Emily’s House

Also known as, according to the box, “The Love Fort” (I kid you not).

This was one of Emily’s Xmas presents. We ordered it online, not realising that it would arrive in a 20,000 piece () flat pack kit. The instruction manual alone runs to 15 pages of small type and diagrams (all in Chinese, of course). Ikea would be proud.

Anyway, this is not a seven year old’s construction project. So, it has become a fifty year old’s project instead.

I’ve decided to document the build here in this album.

Day 1 (3 hours) Walls, floors and roof papered and stuck together. Hinges attached and the basic framework done. Reached page 3 of the manual. 12 to go.

) I exaggerate… slightly.

You Wont Feel a Thing

At school, Emily get’s stamps in her English book for doing well. If she gets a certain number of stamps, she gets a prize from her teacher. This is her latest prize. It looks a bit too realistic for me, but, actually, it’s just a pen.






Everything that I said about sharpness and the 20mm 1.7 yesterday, again.

The Fascination of Water

Stepping Stones

Bamboo Triptych


The sharpness of the Lumix 20mm 1.7 is nothing short of astounding. This was Charlotte this morning with a little bit of fill in flash. Minimal processing in Lightroom.

Self with Charlotte

Maybe Not

Point of No Return




It’s all a blur

Winter Colour

Turn to the left

My wife was at a fashion show thingy this afternoon and took my camera. She managed to get this #autoawesome  shot.

(to all you poor saps on Facebook when you eventually see this, click the link, it’s an animated GIF, Facebook doesn’t allow you to see such things, unless they’re ads of course).

Health Foods


John Wayne, Florist

Sorry Google+, no amount of #autoawesome seasonal goodness will ever make this image in any way festive. :-)

Late for Work


Back to Back


Lost in Thought

On Reflection

#metro #line8

You’d Better Watch Out

He’s making a list, 
Checking it twice; 
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

At Last

A nice fast prime for my GF6. Maybe with this the camera can redeem its many faults.

I decided on the 20mm  f1.7 instead of the 25mm f1.4, I think it’ll be more versatile in the long term.





▼ Reshared Post From Nokia News ▼

Don’t try this at home…



Tonight I have been mainly posting on Twitter and Facebook. Sorry Google+.

McGonagall Online – Glasgow

Link: McGonagall Online – Glasgow

My Home Town


Then away to the west — to the beautiful west!
To the fair city of Glasgow that I like the best,
Where the River Clyde rolls on to the sea,
And the lark and the blackbird whistle with glee.

and this, only second?

Beautiful city of Glasgow, I now conclude my muse,
And to write in praise of thee my pen does not refuse
And, without fear of contradiction, I will venture to say
You are the second grandest city in Scotland at the present day!

#BadPoetry #DiabolicalPoetry

McGonagall Online - A Tribute to William McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian of...

Link: McGonagall Online - A Tribute to William McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian of...

Scotland’s “other” Greatest Poet

There’s a website for William McGonagall. My day is made.

Facebook launches Schadenfreude button

Link: Facebook launches Schadenfreude button

If only…

Twinkle, twinkle, little ball.
You didn’t twinkle much at all.
#Autoawesome did its stuff
Now you twinkle just enough.